College Student And Campus Crimes

For college students, being convicted of a crime can have unforeseen and devastating consequences. Depending on the crime, it may impact an individual's ability to continue his or her education or even to find a job after graduation. Although some students may not realize it, even a misdemeanor conviction can get in the way of being hired.

I am criminal defense lawyer Edward E. DeWerff. I have decades of experience representing college students in Clarksville, Tennessee, including those attending Austin Peay State University, who are facing criminal charges.

Experienced Representation Is Essential

At the Law Office of Edward E. DeWerff, I routinely represent students who have been arrested for crimes, including:

I routinely meet with students at Austin Peay and their parents regarding criminal charges. Although the charges against most students are simple misdemeanors, convictions can still impact a young person's life for years to come. I understand the stakes that my college student clients are facing and I use every tool at my disposal to help ensure the best possible outcome for them.

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