The Harsh Consequences of a DUI Conviction

The state of Tennessee imposes harsh punishments for driving under the influence of alcohol (or drugs), even on a first offense. Perhaps more than any other criminal offense, you are considered guilty until proven otherwise.

Because of the immediate and long-term consequences, you should never plead straight-up guilty to DUI. An experienced Clarksville DUI attorney like Ed DeWerff can work to counter the evidence or attempt to prove that police had no justifiable reason to pull you over in the first place. He has obtained dismissals, acquittals and reduced charges for many clients. At a minimum, he can usually soften the penalties and secure limited driving privileges for his clients.

Our Clarksville law firm has successfully represented people accused of drunk driving in the Clarksville, Tennessee, area as well as clients stationed at Fort Campbell and out-of-town drivers arrested while passing through Middle Tennessee. If you were arrested on suspicion of DUI, call us immediately at 931-216-8616 (cell phone 24/7) or 931-444-6038 (office).

Work With a Montgomery County DWI/Drunk Driving Defense Attorney to Avoid Potential DUI Penalties

In Tennessee, a conviction for first-time DUI will result in 48 hours mandatory jail time and a misdemeanor criminal record. You will also face license revocation for one year with the possibility of a restricted driver's license to drive only to work, school or a place of worship. Under a new Tennessee law, you may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your car, in which case you are allowed to drive at anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Criminal penalties may include fines and court costs, addiction assessment and probation. The conviction can also have consequences for your current job or military service and future employment prospects.

The punishment escalates for repeat DUI offenses. A second drunk driving conviction carries a mandatory minimum 45-day jail term - no weekends, work release, no "2 for 1," nothing but "straight time" - or a 28-day drug/alcohol treatment program at a lock down facility. A second DUI also results in a two-year license revocation, with no restricted license (until the 2nd year of the two year period).

A third DUI is a minimum 120 days in jail - four months straight out of your life, no weekends, work release, no "2 for 1," nothing but "straight time" - and loss of license for three to ten years. A  fourth DUI is a felony : minimum 150 days in jail, but up to two years behind bars, and minimum license revocation of five years, with no restricted license.

Contact Us for Experienced DUI Defense: Negotiations or Trial

Ed DeWerff is a former prosecutor and an accomplished criminal defense trial lawyer who has represented hundreds of people charged with drunk driving in his more than 16 years of criminal defense practice. He knows how to raise many legitimate DUI defenses to:

  • Get charges dismissed because of sloppy police work or violations of your rights
  • Get charges reduced to a lesser DUI or reckless driving
  • Negotiate alternative or lesser penalties
  • Fight for your freedom at trial

We know that a first DUI sets you up for harsh consequences if you ever have another. And we believe in holding law enforcement accountable for unjustified stops or arrests. Contact Montgomery County DWI/drunk driving defense lawyer Ed DeWerff for a free initial consultation.