Multiple DUIs/Repeat Offender DUI

Clarksville DUI Attorney Aggressively Protects Repeat DUI Offenders

Multiple DUI convictions have long-term consequences The punishments for making the mistake of driving intoxicated do not end after you repay your debt to society. Having multiple DUI convictions on your criminal record follows you for your entire life and drastically limits your future opportunities. People often have problems getting employment, affording car insurance and getting professional licenses due to their driving histories.

Clarksville criminal DUI defense lawyer Edward E. DeWerff works tirelessly on your behalf to prevent a second or third DUI conviction from ruining your future. His years of experience as an assistant district attorney provided him with the insight and experience it takes to mount an effective legal defense to combat the serious charges against you.

What are the penalties for a second DUI conviction in Tennessee? Courts in Clarksville and throughout Tennessee have become increasingly strict with enforcing the penalties that come along with a second of third DUI offense. Punishments are severe for each subsequent DUI conviction within five years. Our experienced DUI defense attorney in Clarksville can help you defend yourself from the extreme penalties that you may have to bear if you are convicted. The Tennessee penalties for a second DUI offense include:

  • 45 days to one year in jail Loss of license for two years, with a restricted license available after one year
  • Mandatory DUI school $600 to $3,500 in fines, plus full payment of other costs and restitutions
  • Possible vehicle seizure/forfeiture
  • Possible mandatory drug and alcohol treatment
  • Possible mandatory ignition interlock device installed in vehicle

If I have already been convicted of a first DUI, am I more likely to get convicted for the second one?

Tennessee law prevents someone from being convicted of a crime a second time based on a prior conviction for that same crime. You are not on trial for your character. Our Clarksville repeat DUI defense attorney litigates tenaciously to ensure that you are not convicted based on your driving history. We analyze all of the evidence in detail to prepare for your defense and preserve your liberties.

If you are facing a repeat DUI charge, contact a Clarksville DUI lawyer today for a free initial consultation to discuss your rights and strategic defense Multiple DUI convictions have exponentially harsher financial and social costs. Speak with an experienced DUI defense attorney right away when accused of a second or third DUI offense. DUI attorney Edward E. DeWerff offers sound legal guidance that puts you in the best position possible to defend yourself from another DUI conviction. Contact us online or call us at 931-444-6038 to schedule a free initial consultation.