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For those who have been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, there is often more at stake than time behind bars or concerns about a fine. In many cases, concerns over one's reputation are just as pressing. Whether you are a professional or a member of the Army or other branch of the military, a conviction for domestic assault can impact your life for years to come.

I am criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor Edward E. DeWerff. For decades, I have represented clients in Clarksville, Tennessee who have been accused of serious crimes, including domestic violence and domestic assault.

Experienced Domestic Assault Defense Representation

In many cases, law enforcement officers err on the side of safety in domestic violence cases. In Tennessee, this can set a series of events in motion that can be difficult to undo.

Under Tennessee law, police are obligated to arrest the primary aggressor — not necessarily the person who initiated the confrontation, but the person whose actions rise to the definition of assault or aggravated assault. After a minimum jail stay of 12 hours, conditions of release usually require that the accused party stay away from the home and have no contact with the victim or the children.

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