Drug Crimes

Drug Crime Defense by a Former Prosecutor

A drug conviction stays on your record for the rest of your life. There may be jail or prison - even for a first offense or possession of a small amount, plus there may be consequences for employment, college and other facets of your future.

However, being caught with drugs or accused of dealing is not an automatic conviction. An experienced attorney can determine if your rights were violated or look for holes in the prosecution's case to possibly escape conviction or lessen the penalties.

Suspected of Drug Possession? Free Initial Consultation
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Drug Possession and Other Drug Offenses

Ed DeWerff has practiced in criminal defense for 16 years in the Clarksville area. Before that, he was an assistant prosecutor for Montgomery County and Robertson County. He has more than 80 jury trials under his belt, including many acquittals in drug cases.

We provide knowledgeable representation for any drug charges:

  • Simple possession of marijuana (misdemeanor amount)
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia (bongs, scales, etc.)
  • Possession of cocaine, heroin, illegal prescription drugs
  • Intent to distribute (possessing a certain quantity)
  • Drug trafficking

Mr. DeWerff examines the traffic stop (did police have a valid reason to pull you over?), search and seizure (were your rights violated?), and all evidence in your case, such as statements by undercover officers or informants. We will do everything we can to avoid a conviction. If the prosecution has a good case, you may be eligible for pre-trial or post-judicial diversion to keep it off your record.

If You Are Approached by Police

- Exercise your constitutional rights, especially the right to remain silent. Don't admit the drugs are yours, or offer any explanations. If police persist in questioning, assert your right to contact an attorney.

- Don't consent to a search of your person, your belongings, or your home. Police cannot do much more than pat you down, unless you give permission for a search or they get a search warrant.

If You've Already Been Arrested

Contact our Clarksville office for a free consultation. Edward E. DeWerff will personally come to your aid and handle your defense himself.