Illegal Searches

The police must follow strict procedures in a search and seizure. When they fall short, they are not likely to admit it and will move forward with an arrest. Overlooking the simplest of steps violates your rights, requiring you to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

At the Law Office of Edward E. DeWerff, our founder, Ed DeWerff, is a former prosecutor for the Montgomery County and Robertson County District Attorney's Office. He has an in-depth knowledge of police investigation procedures and can identify when they fall short.

If your drug possession or weapons-related arrest resulted from an illegal search and seizure, you need legal help in both asserting and protecting your rights. Contact us at 931-216-8616 or 931-444-6038.

The Diligent Representation You Need From a Tennessee Criminal Law Attorney

In Tennessee, police can only search in an emergency or with a search warrant or consent. When it comes to consenting to permission for a search, you are within your rights to simply refuse. They will likely threaten you with a search warrant. It is in your best interest to hold them to that threat and force them to follow procedures. Being cooperative will not prevent a criminal charge if the search turns up any evidence.

A police officer's job is anything but easy. The hours put in and the pressures they face sometimes result in mistakes. They are only human and oversights can happen. However, your rights have still been violated if an illegal search and seizure took place, intentional or unintentional.

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