Violent Crime & Assault

Experienced Criminal Defense for Violent Crime Accusations

Police often charge the wrong person - whoever threw the last punch rather than the person who started the fight. Sometimes there is justification. "Victims" and "witnesses" may have a reason to lie.

An arrest for assault or any violent crime must be taken very seriously. A conviction often means a jail or prison sentence. The criminal record will surface every time you apply for a job. You will lose your right to possess firearms. Military status could be in jeopardy, and so on.

Call Immediately - Your Freedom Is On the Line
Contact the law firm of Edward E. DeWerff, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation at 931-216-8616 or 931-444-6038. We represent the accused in the Clarksville, Tennessee, area, including Army personnel stationed at Fort Campbell.

Assault, Aggravated Assault and Major Violent Crimes

Ed DeWerff brings 20 years of criminal law experience to your case, including more than 80 jury trials as both a criminal defense lawyer and a former prosecutor for the Montgomery/Robertson district attorney's office. He has handled the full range of crimes against persons, including:

  • Simple assault and battery
  • Domestic violence
  • Aggravated assault (bodily harm or use of a weapon)
  • Sexual assault
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder, manslaughter or attempted homicide
  • Robbery and armed robbery
  • Gun crimes (felon in possession, illegal firearms)

Challenging Their Version of Events

Mr. DeWerff exhausts all possible defenses to prevent a conviction. His thorough investigation and courtroom skills have resulted in favorable outcomes for hundreds of clients, including jury acquittals (including first-degree murder), dismissed charges, reduced charges or alternatives to jail.

In an assault or homicide, we look closely at the circumstances leading up to the incident. Was it self-defense? Was our client provoked? Was there an intent to cause injury? Was alcohol involved? Are the witnesses credible? Did they see what started the fight, or did they only see our client "end it"? Did police leave out statements from other witnesses that contradict the criminal complaint?

Violent crime charges demand an experienced, aggressive defense. Contact our Clarksville office for a free initial consultation.