Conspiracy Charges

Those who have been convicted of conspiracy charges in Tennessee can find themselves facing serious consequences. These can include not only significant prison time and fines, but also difficulty finding employment, attending school or maintaining a professional license.

I am criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor Edward E. DeWerff. I have decades of experience representing clients in Clarksville, Tennessee who have been charged with white collar crimes, including conspiracy. I understand how serious these charges are and what you have at stake.

What Is Conspiracy And What Are The Penalties?

Generally speaking, in Tennessee, the crime of conspiracy is committed when two or more people take some action in preparation for committing an offense and agree that one or more of them will commit it.

If a person is convicted of conspiracy, the penalties he or she will face depend upon the circumstances of the case. The penalty a person faces upon conviction for conspiracy is one classification lower than the penalty for the crime that constituted the object of the conspiracy. This means, for example, if someone conspired to commit a class B felony, he or she would face punishment for a class C felony upon conviction for conspiracy.

Cases involving conspiracy charges are often complex. Choosing an experienced criminal defense attorney can make all the difference.

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