Insurance Fraud Lawyer In Clarksville

In Tennessee, those convicted of filing a false or fraudulent insurance claim can face significant fines and prison time. If you are facing insurance fraud charges, choosing a criminal defense attorney who understands what you have at stake is essential to ensuring that your rights are protected and that your defense is presented effectively.

I am Edward E. DeWerff and I am a criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor with decades of experience representing clients who have been charged with serious crimes.

What Is Insurance Fraud? Am I Going To Jail?

The crime of insurance fraud can include:

  • Filing an insurance claim that the insured knows is false or fraudulent
  • Filing documentation as part of an insurance claim that the insured knows is false
  • Damaging or destroying property in order to file an insurance claim

Like crimes involving property damage, a person who is convicted of insurance fraud faces different possible penalties according to the amount of money collected as a result of the crime. While crimes involving $500 or less may only be misdemeanors, possible prison sentences and fines increase with the amount of money involved.

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