Fathers' Rights

The notion that a mother, as opposed to a father, is better equipped as a parent is a dated misconception. More fathers are stepping up and showing that they not only have rights, but can provide equal, if not better care in the raising of their children.

While Ed DeWerff, the founder of the Law Office of Edward E. DeWerff, will represent both sides in a divorce case, he understands the challenges that fathers face in divorce cases that involve custody and support-related issues.

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Tennessee Child Custody Attorney

Tennessee divorce and custody laws were written without any regard to gender. The female or wife is not favored over the male or husband. Parental rights statutes apply to both parents, not just one. You are empowered by the non biased, gender-neutral laws that put you on equal ground with the other parent of your children.

While equal in the state law books, many fathers come to our office feeling at a disadvantage. Some even assume that they do not have the rights that exist. They feel forced to give away money and quality time with their children because of their gender.

Do not let misconceptions interfere with quality time with your children. A good parent is a good parent, regardless of gender.

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