Parental Relocation

A Clarksville Parental Relocation Lawyer Protecting Your Rights

The prospect of separating children from a parent in a move to another state is devastating to the parent left behind. Emotionally charged legal matters can become bitter battles when close family relationships and frequent parental interactions with children are at stake.

At the Law Office of Edward E. DeWerff, we understand that while Tennessee residents relocate all the time, the best interests of the children should always come first.

If you or your spouse is seeking to relocate because of a new job or remarriage, take immediate action to protect your rights and those of your children. Contact our founder, Ed DeWerff, at 931-216-8616 or 931-444-6038.

The Need for a Tennessee Move Away Lawyer During Changing Times

Relocation is a major step that requires careful decision-making and a complex legal process when children of divorce are a major factor. Moving is also commonplace in the area with military personnel serving at Fort Campbell. The first step is to file a timely intention to move, notifying the ex-spouse of a possible relocation.

Notifying is only the start. From there, the parent must provide valid reasons for that move. New employment or a new marriage are common issues. The need to be away from an ex-spouse, however, is not a valid reason to change addresses to another state.

In the end, the courts will look at what is best for the children. If a relocation is approved, child custody, visitation and support agreements are modified. Travel expenses are taken into account when determining a new amount for support. Visitation may be condensed into longer periods of time to avoid constant travel by children.

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