Trucking & Commercial Vehicle Accidents

The Advocacy You Need From a Clarksville Truck Accident Attorney

When a semitrailer collides with a car, chances are the automobile driver will suffer more injuries and the car will have more damage. Those are only the start to the odds against you when dealing with large trucking companies following a truck accident. You need an aggressive advocate at your side to even those odds and hold the responsible party accountable.

At the Law Office of Edward E. DeWerff, we represent Tennessee residents experiencing the pain and suffering caused by a negligent truck driver.

Do not wait to seek both medical attention and legal advocacy. Far too much is at stake not to take immediate action. Contact us at 931-216-8616 or 931-444-6038.

A Tennessee Personal Injury Attorney at Your Side

Strict federal regulations govern the commercial trucking industry. Drivers have a certain number of hours they can be on the road and must take breaks. Ignoring one or all of the regulations can have catastrophic consequences for you and your family.

At the Law Office of Edward E. DeWerff, we take immediate steps to secure the records of the truck that caused your accident. Companies are not required to keep related documentation for very long. The sooner we get involved, the more information we can secure via a court order. The more data we have, the stronger case we can build for you in maximizing your compensation.

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