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Clarksville woman accused of aggravated assault on husband

A recent headline in Clarksville’s Leaf-Chronicle might raise some eyebrows in wonderment: "Woman accused of trying to gig husband." She is apparently accused of attacking, or trying to attack her husband in their Woodlawn home with a frog gig.

A what? For the uninitiated, a frog gig is a long, narrow wooden handle on the end of which is a small pitchfork-like device for stabbing, or gigging frogs. While the story might at first blush seem amusing, the unfunny reality is that these allegations of domestic violence include aggravated assault charges.

The news site says she not only tried to stab him with the frog gig, but that she also reportedly brandished a loaded firearm, telling him she was going to shoot him. She later allegedly brandished a shotgun during their argument.

Though it isn’t clear if she actually harmed her husband, it’s possible that, if all the allegations are accurate, a criminal court might not hesitate in convicting her of aggravated assault even if she never touched him.

According to Tennessee law, a person can be convicted of simple assault if they cause another person to reasonably fear imminent bodily injury. Tennessee law further states that if a person commits simple assault while using or displaying a deadly weapon, they have committed aggravated assault.

The Leaf-Chronicle includes at the bottom of its crime reports a caution, urging readers to remember that the people described in the reports have not been found guilty of anything. “Those charged are presumed not guilty until convicted by a judge or jury,” the newspaper says.

Exactly so. While readers might assume a person is guilty of aggravated assault – or any number of other crimes – because they have been charged, the reality is newspaper accounts of police reports give only one side of a story.

An experienced criminal defense attorney helps the accused tell their side of the story; a side that can in many situations mean dropped or reduced charges in negotiations with prosecutors, or acquittal at trial.

Source: Leaf-Chronicle, "Woman accused of trying to gig husband," Stephanie Ingersoll, Nov. 10, 2014

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