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Here in Tennessee, we are known for our tough drug laws. A person arrested in Clarksville on drug trafficking charges can face years in prison, substantial fines and untold damage to their family and personal relationships.

Unfortunately, our state laws are too often unforgiving of mistakes -- even first-time offenses committed by young people can result in harsh penalties.

When someone has been arrested by law enforcement officials in Montgomery County and charged with drug distribution, it often makes sense to politely decline to answer an officer's questions about the alleged crime until you have discussed the situation with a criminal defense attorney. An experienced attorney will help you understand the charges and will listen carefully as you describe circumstances and events.

In some situations, the attorney can help authorities understand that you weren't involved in drug transactions and that charges should therefore be dropped. In other cases, an illegal search and seizure might have been conducted by law enforcement, meaning that evidence can be invalidated and charges dropped.

Each set of circumstances and charges demands a personalized approach that means answering all questions and returning phone calls. It also means putting to use all available legal tools in defense of a client's rights and freedoms. Sometimes that means negotiating with prosecutors to get charges reduced and sometimes it means defending a client at trial. The Law Office Of Edward E. DeWerff is proud of our experience in vigorously protecting clients.

Please see our Drug Trafficking page for more information about what a former prosecutor and experienced defense attorney can do to help you.

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