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Clarksville Police: four arrested on white collar crime charges

If you take a drive heading southeast from Clarksville, you'll pass through Nashville, Chattanooga and Marietta, Georgia, before coming to a stop in Decatur. That's the hometown of four people recently arrested by Clarksville police officers and charged with multiple white collar crimes including forgery and conspiracy.

Although news reports did specify where the arrests were made, all four suspects were afterwards booked into Montgomery County Jail.

The three men and a woman are all in their early to mid-twenties, according to a news report. The Clarksville Police Department was assisted in the arrests by U.S. Postal Service investigators.

The four suspects are accused of stealing mail from a local business and then using information gleaned from the mail to create counterfeit checks in the name of the business. They are also accused of recruiting a homeless person to then cash the counterfeit checks at Montgomery County banks.

White collar crimes are often complex, and often include a variety of allegations from law enforcement officials. In the particular case we mentioned, federal investigators worked with local detectives in surveillance, which means it's possible that defendants might yet face federal charges.

In these kinds of complicated cases involving possible multiple jurisdictions, defendants will typically seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help them understand the charges and evidence, as well as help them defend their rights and interests. Experienced defense lawyers can also capably carry out negotiations with prosecutors.

In some cases, it is in negotiations where the most favorable resolution can be found. In other cases, the most favorable resolution can only be found at trial.

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