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Clarksville women accused of assaulting men

Love is a complicated matter that becomes even more difficult to untangle and understand when the law becomes involved. Two Clarksville women would today undoubtedly be glad to testify to that fact.

Both were recently arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

One is accused of hitting and biting her boyfriend as he drove down Kraft Street. She also allegedly slashed him multiple times on his left forearm, according to law enforcement officials.

She was arrested later after being pulled over for running a stop sign. She reportedly told police that her license had been suspended and that she had crack cocaine in the vehicle. Charges against the 30-year-old include aggravated assault, drug possession and driving on a suspended license.

The other woman is accused of hitting a man in the face with a beer bottle in their King Street home. They apparently had a dispute over a computer in the man's room and when she and her friends tried to enter the room, he blocked their entrance with his body.

That's when the woman alleged hit him in the face with the bottle.

When police arrived, the man was bleeding and a broken beer bottle was found lying in pieces in the bedroom doorway.

According to Tennessee law, aggravated assault is when someone intentionally and knowingly causes serious bodily injury to another or uses or displays a deadly weapon. Before speaking to prosecutors, both defendants should sit down to discuss their side of events with an attorney experienced in assault defense.

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