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The news was covered by a variety of media outlets across the state: the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had carried out a sting operation to crack down on human trafficking. The operation carried out here in Clarksville resulted in arrests of 14 men.

A fact that every media outlet overlooked: not one of the men arrested was charged with human trafficking. One man was arrested for driving on a revoked driver's license. One was accused of resisting arrest. Six face misdemeanor drug charges, while two others are accused of felony drug possession. Nine were taken to jail and charged with patronizing prostitution. And so on. Not a single human trafficking charge among them.

Clarksville Police were part of the sting in which online ads were placed on, a spokesperson said.

A TBI agent said human trafficking involves a commercial sex act with someone under the age of 18. The agent said the fight against trafficking is an uphill one, like previous law enforcement campaigns against drunken driving and domestic violence.

TBI says the effort in Clarksville was essentially a fact-finding mission to learn how human trafficking works and who might be victims and who might be patrons.

For those facing drug charges and other allegations as a result of the sting, they will get no comfort from the publicity and looming court dates and possible punishments they now face. A Clarksville criminal defense attorney experienced in representing clients accused of misdemeanor or felony drug violations can help you sort out your legal options so that together you can pursue the best results for your circumstances.

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