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Clarksville police arrest juveniles in pizza delivery robbery

Most adults acknowledge that they made mistakes in their youth that they would not repeat today. Sometimes the mistakes involve violations of the law that can result in serious consequences for young offenders.

Clarksville police officers recently arrested two juveniles who allegedly robbed a pizza delivery person. The delivery driver said he was called to the Orchard Park Apartments to deliver three pizzas, but after the delivery was declined, he was allegedly assaulted and robbed of the pizzas and cash as he returned to his vehicle.

Police said the pizza robbery suspects were identified by a suspect in a theft of a BB gun from a department store, a Clarksville Police Department news release stated. When police took the suspect into custody near the intersection of Minglewood Drive and Cunningham Lane, he was questioned by officers about the pizza robbery that had taken place nearby.

According to a newspaper report, the detainee gave officers the names of juveniles who allegedly committed the robbery. He also indicated that another robbery was planned. Two youths were later arrested.

For them, convictions could mean not only a possible loss of freedom, but also a loss of potential. They could find that future job opportunities and academic pursuits are limited by criminal records.

Parents of young people who have unknowingly put their futures at risk with unwise mistakes often turn to experienced legal counsel for help in minimizing the damage. An experienced Tennessee criminal defense attorney can negotiate with prosecutors to get charges dropped or reduced.


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