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Running a red light turns into DUI, drug bust for Tennessee woman

One hundred miles southeast of Clarksville you can find the Walking Horse Capital of the World, otherwise known as Shelbyville, Tennessee. A resident of the city was recently pulled over by police -- not for a walking violation -- but for driving through a red light.

By the time the 49-year-old was taken to the county jail, she had been charged with DUI, drug possession and a traffic violation.


The local newspaper reported that a police officer said the woman failed sobriety tests given to her. The officer also found Xanax and Lortab tablets in her clothing.

As many readers know, Tennessee law not only has strict prohibitions against driving under the influence of alcohol, but also forbids people from driving while under the influence of illegal drugs as well while impaired by legal prescription medications.

The state says on its website that drivers convicted of a first-offense DUI face jail time that extends from two days to 11 months and 29 days. First-offenders can also see their driver's license revoked for a year. The judge can also require you to have an ignition interlock device installed and maintained in your vehicle at your expense.

The penalties and costs go up for second, third, fourth or subsequent convictions. In fact, for a fourth DUI, an offender will receive "1 Year (365) days of jail time with a minimum of 150 consecutive days served."

A Clarksville attorney experienced in DUI defense understands that defense of your rights, your freedom and your driving privileges will be utmost in your mind. The stakes are high in these cases, which is why knowledge of the law and experience in negotiations with prosecutors and defense at trial are crucial.

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