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Data on drunk drivers in the U.S.

Tennessee motorists may benefit from learning more about which states have the highest number of drunk drivers traveling on the roadways. According to researchers with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the state with the highest total of drunk drivers is Hawaii. After that, the area of the country most inundated with drunk drivers is the Midwest. The study involved surveying Americans to find out how often they drove after having too much to drink within the past 30 days.

During 2013, approximately 10,000 people were killed in accidents involving a driver whose blood alcohol concentration exceeded the legal limit of .08 percent. The CDC survey determined that approximately 4.2 million people, or 1.8 percent of the U.S. population, drove under the influence of alcohol during the month leading up to the survey. Researchers observed considerable differences in drunk driving between various states and between the two sexes.

Some of the states with the highest rates of drunk drivers are Hawaii, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wisconsin. Researchers also discovered that men caused 80 percent of the drunk driving accidents in the United States. Motorists between the ages of 21 and 34 were most likely to be involved in a drunk driving accident. The men within this age group account for a third of all drunk driving accidents but only 11 percent of the entire population.

A person who is facing a drunk driving charge may want to speak with a criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible. Legal counsel may be prepared to review the details of the police report and begin formulating a strategy that could include, for example, a challenge to the roadside sobriety or breath tests.

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