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January 2016 Archives

Controversial police technique linked to false confessions

Tennessee residents will likely have read media reports of individuals who have spent years in prison for crimes that in actuality they did not commit. Many of them are astonished to discover that innocent individuals had often been convicted after making false confessions to police officers, but psychologists who have studied law enforcement methods say that this is not surprising. They say that false confessions are often extracted from vulnerable suspects using a controversial tactic known as the Reid Technique.

A defense of involuntary intoxication

People in Tennessee may not realize that in some cases, intoxication can be used as a defense to criminal charges. While being under the influence of alcohol is not usually a valid defense, if people are intoxicated without their knowledge, it might be. This is known as involuntary intoxication, and intoxication can also be considered involuntary if a person is forced or coerced to drink.

Privileged relationships in criminal cases

Tennessee residents may know that individuals charged with a crime can be candid with their attorneys safe in the knowledge that the matters discussed will be considered privileged and cannot be subsequently introduced in court against them. While the protection that covers communication between those accused of committing crimes and their lawyers may be the most widely recognized type of legal privilege, there are a number of other forms of protected communication.