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March 2016 Archives

New app aims to prevent substance abuse

In an effort to prevent Tennessee teens from drinking or smoking, the Sullivan County Anti-Drug Coalition has released an app available on both iPhone and Android. It is designed to help individuals find out if there is alcohol or tobacco advertising in the area that could be targeted at kids. The goal is to use the information gathered by the app to make changes that make Sullivan County a healthier place to live.

Driver charged with DUI had 15-foot tree stuck in grille

Tennessee Facebook users may have seen posts about a drunk driving case that is getting a lot of attention. Police in Roselle, Illinois, stopped a woman who was seen driving with a 15-foot tree stuck in the grille of her car. After charging the woman for driving while intoxicated, the police department posted photos of the woman's vehicle on its Facebook page. The photos were shared 19,000 times since they were posted on March 4 with the caption, 'Yet another reason why you should not drink and drive!"