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Driver charged with DUI had 15-foot tree stuck in grille

Tennessee Facebook users may have seen posts about a drunk driving case that is getting a lot of attention. Police in Roselle, Illinois, stopped a woman who was seen driving with a 15-foot tree stuck in the grille of her car. After charging the woman for driving while intoxicated, the police department posted photos of the woman's vehicle on its Facebook page. The photos were shared 19,000 times since they were posted on March 4 with the caption, 'Yet another reason why you should not drink and drive!"

According to reports, police were alerted to the alleged drunk driver after another motorist told them that he had seen a car with a large tree stuck to it. A police officer tracked down the woman's Lincoln Town Car and conducted a traffic stop. During the traffic stop, the officer noticed that the vehicle's front airbags were deployed.

The woman told the officer that she had hit the tree that was attached to her car in a nearby town. The woman couldn't recall the exact location where the accident had occurred. She allegedly smelled like alcohol and failed a field sobriety test before she was charged.

Before conducting a traffic stop, a police officer must have probable cause to pull a driver over. If a police officer notices a motorist driving erratically or believes that a driver may have been involved in an accident, this might satisfy that requirement. However, there are instances when police officers conduct traffic stops without probable cause, and a criminal defense attorney may be able to have the charges dropped when this is the case.

Source: FOX News, "Cops catch drunk driver thanks to 15-foot tree on front of car," March 7, 2016

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