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Bus driver accused of DUI

A tour bus driver who was driving a high school band was taken into custody in Tennessee on April 21 after a police officer claimed that he had pill bottles and a powdery white substance in his nose. The man was charged with possession of a controlled substance, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence. However, the man is receiving support from his employer in Pennsylvania, a charter bus company, that also posted his bail. Reportedly, he is one of their top five drivers.

According to the man's employers, the trouble started when he was waiting for the band outside a building and a problem with one of the tires was noticed by police. His employer said that it had hit a curb. His employers also said that an independent lab tested the man and the results came back negative.

The man was convicted for driving under the influence in 1999 and 2001. His employer says that they are aware of this, that it was many years ago, and that they feel that people deserve a second chance. The bus passengers reported that they noticed nothing unusual about the driver's behavior.

As this case demonstrates, charges of driving under the influence can extend to drugs as well as alcohol. However, a criminal defense attorney can often challenge these types of allegations that the prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. In a case like this one, charges might even be dismissed if tests show that the person was not under the influence of drugs as this man's employer says was the case.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, "Bus Driver Arrested For DUI During Band Trip To Tennessee," Brenda Waters, 04/26/2016

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