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One killed, one charged in fatal ATV accident

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, one person was killed in an ATV accident on May 27 in which the driver was allegedly drunk. The accident occurred when the ATV apparently rolled off of a road in Scott County and down an embankment.

Law enforcement authorities allege that the driver, a 26-year-old man from North Carolina, lost control of the ATV when he rounded a curve on River Road. The ATV then left the road and rolled down the embankment.

The crash caused the passenger, a 25-year-old woman from Michigan, to be thrown from the ATV. She died of her injuries. The man was injured and later handed a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol. Police reports did not indicate if he was tested for alcohol or what any blood alcohol concentration test results might be. Information about his custody status or possible bond amount was not released either.

Motorists may be charged with operating under the influence even when they are driving vehicles other than cars or trucks. People who are charged with drunk driving following fatal accidents may face substantial prison sentences. In such situations, it may be wise to retain criminal defense attorney who has experience in defending against drunk driving and intoxication manslaughter cases. An attorney could fully investigate the facts of the incident and use the information to help the client build a stronger defense case. The attorney may also gather mitigating evidence and then present it to the prosecutor in order to try to negotiate a favorable plea.

Source: WATE, "Scott County ATV driver charged with DUI after fatal accident," May 28, 2016

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