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July 2016 Archives

Adequate representation required by Sixth Amendment

The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution gives people in Tennessee and across the country the right to a fair trial in criminal matters. Part of a fair trial is adequate representation. Whether the defendant has hired a lawyer or has had one appointed by the court, the lawyer is required to represent theh client adequately. While perfect representation is not required, a negligent or incompetent lawyer may so damage the client's opportunity for a fair trial that the court may throw out a guilty verdict or order other relief.

Implied consent laws can have numerous ramifications

Motorists in Tennessee and other states with implied consent laws may discover that refusing to submit to blood alcohol concentration testing could affect their lives for years. Implied consent laws mean that motorists automatically agree to blood, urine, breath and other forms of BAC testing when they are pulled over by authorities. Those who decline to participate in testing at the request of law enforcement officials could receive license suspensions.