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Juvenile Crimes Archives

Report: teen basketball players convicted of rape, assault

According to reports on Aug. 30, three Tennessee teenage basketball players who were accused of raping a teammate were convicted on their charges. One was reportedly found guilty of aggravated rape, and the other two were found guilty of aggravated assault.

New app aims to prevent substance abuse

In an effort to prevent Tennessee teens from drinking or smoking, the Sullivan County Anti-Drug Coalition has released an app available on both iPhone and Android. It is designed to help individuals find out if there is alcohol or tobacco advertising in the area that could be targeted at kids. The goal is to use the information gathered by the app to make changes that make Sullivan County a healthier place to live.

Boys charged with vandalism accused of damaging 77 cars

Police in Tennessee have reported that two boys were taken into custody on Feb. 21 in connection with several acts of vandalism in Etowah. The boys are accused of damaging 77 vehicles at a McMinn County auto outlet and vandalizing a nearby utility tractor. The boys were apprehended by McMinn County Sheriff's Office deputies on County Road 197 following a short investigation. After being processed, the two boys were transported to the Bradley County Juvenile Detention Facility.

Statistics on underage drinking

Although it is illegal in Tennessee and every other state for people who are not 21 to drink, underage consumption of alcohol is alarmingly common. According to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 11 percent of all of alcohol consumption in the United States is done by those between the ages of 12 and 20.

Thousands of Tennessee children referred to juvenile court

Despite the best efforts of any parent, children are quite capable of and even likely to make mistakes and bad decisions occasionally. Oftentimes, these mistakes will be minor and require little more than a punishment from Mom or Dad in the form of grounding or restricted privileges.