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Family Law

Divorce and Property Division
  • Custody, Visitation, and Support
Family law matters are legally complex to start with, and the strong emotions can get in the way of solutions. At Edward E. DeWerff, Attorney at Law, we help people resolve these sticky problems with the least cost, animosity, and impact on the children.
In a contested divorce or child custody dispute, you have to choose your battles. An out-of-court agreement that is fair and workable is more likely to be honored by the parties in the long run. However, when push comes to shove, Ed DeWerff is a veteran trial lawyer who can make a courtroom stand to protect your interests.
Experienced and Compassionate Representation
Based in Clarksville, we practice in divorce courts and juvenile courts of Montgomery County and the surrounding counties of Tennessee. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.
Divorce, Child Custody, and Family Law
Mr. DeWerff represents men or women in divorce, and the primary residential parent or noncustodial parent in post-divorce matters. He handles all types of family law scenarios, including:
  • Divorce and Equitable Division of Property
  • Complex Asset Division
  • Initial Child Custody and Co-Parenting Plans
  • Modifications of Custody or Visitation
  • Parent Relocation
  • Enforcement/Contempt of Court
  • Paternity (Child Support and Visitation Rights)
In divorce, we protect your bottom line concerns while negotiating a fair settlement that allows both parties to move forward. Mr. DeWerff can explain which assets are and are not subject to division, whether alimony would apply, and the likely amount of child support.
In custody matters, we focus on realistic solutions and are adamant about not harming the children in the process. In addition, we remind parents that they will share parenting responsibilities for years to come. You might "win" in the short run, but create hostilities and wind up back in court before long.
Free Consultation and Direct Access to Ed DeWerff
For strong legal advocacy and lasting solutions and, call our Clarksville office at (931) 216-8616 or (931) 444-6038.

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